FAY, BILL: Time Of The Last Persecution LP


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Bill Fay "Time of the Last Persecution" LP (4 Men With Beards)

"Time of the Last Persecution is Bill Fay's second and final album for the Deram label, originally released in 1971. An absolute classic of melancholy (borderline morbid) folk-rock that falls somewhere between Pearls Before Swine, Leonard Cohen, and a suicide prevention hotline. Time of the Last Persecution is almost single-mindedly obsessed with end times so it's fitting that this brilliant album would be his last release for over 30 years. Now that Fay is back with a new and highly lauded album, it's high time that his classic, definitive statement, is available again on 180 gram vinyl."

1. Omega Day
2. Don't Let My Marigolds Die
3. I Hear You Calling
4. Dust Filled Room
5. 'Til The Christ Come Back
6. Release Is In The Eye
7. Laughing Man
8. Inside The Keepers Pantry
9. Tell It Like It Is
10. Plan D
11. Pictures of Adolf Again
12. Time of the Last Persecution
13. Come A Day
14. Let All The Other Teddies Know