BULBOUS CREATION: You Won't Remember Dying LP

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Bulbous Creation "You Won't Remember Dying" LP (Numero Group)

A truly underground document of the national obsession with heavy, mind-bent psychedelia. Originating in the unassuming suburb of Prairie Village, KS, Bulbous Creation seem to have warped directly from the wrong side of the looking glass with a jabberwocky full of surreal lyrics and gratuitous guitar solos. Recorded and abandoned in the catacombs of Independence, Missouri's Cavern Sound studio in 1969, Bulbous Creation's eight-song screed invokes images of sinners, wage slaves, drugs, out of touch parents, jail, and the devil, naturally.

1. End Of The Page
2. Having A Good Time
3. Satan
4. Fever Machine Man
5. Let's Go To The See
6. Hooked
7. Under The Black Sun
8. Stormy Monday