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La Morte Young "Self-Titled" Cassette

With members of Sun Stabbed, Talweg and Nappe, this French group “draw[s] singing feedback from expiring amps and extend[s] moments of tense string-brut into colossal, slow-burning ascensions,” explain our friends at Volcanic Tongue. “Padding drums force the eternal upward vectors into waves of dreamtone as the group attempt[s] a flat-lined reconciliation between barbarous psychedelic drone, early music and single tone hypnotics. Wordless vocals touch on… ritual epiglottics… while the levels of dynamic fuzz are almost Japanese…. [P]lug the fuck in.”

1. You Must Believe In Spring
2. Whisper of Dharma 1
3. The Case of the 5 Sided Dream in Audio Color
4. Whisper of Dharma 2
5. Brotherhood of Breath