V/A: Tidbits And Gut Blood Cassette (Simon Joyner, Dennis Callaci, Noah Sterba & More!)


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"Tidbits And Gut Blood" Compilation Cassette (Unread)

some sort of milestone? who cares. well, i do. i guess. so with that, here is a brand new compilation / collection of unread heavy hitters giving in to my demands! 100 releases ago we released the ROT BOX compilation, which was pretty damn stand out. hear volume #2! again some collected old goop, and brand new stuff. unreleased, and never finding a home elsewhere...? maybe? maybe not. take a chance. in true unread fashion this will NOT INCLUDE A DOWNLOAD CODE. buy a tape deck fools, and hear near history. -Unread

1. Nutrition Fun - Animal?
2. Staffers - I Talked To The Cops
3. Charlie McAlister - Ultimate Demise
4. Furniture Three - I Am The Tiger
5. Ed Gray - Ballad of John and Exene
6. Dennis Callaci - Unread
7. Caleb Fraid - Medical Field Girls
8. Rake Kash - Body Double
9. Zach LaGrou - Hexes
10. C. Frank - Enough
11. C. Worth - Its Hard To Breathe Underwater
12. Jason & The Morphews - Mama, Mama, Mama
13. Restaurnaut - The Factory Is Starving
14. Joe Kile - Good Man
15. Noah Sterba - Mornings Like A Mourning
16. Simon Joyner - Hail Mary
17. Navy Gangs - Just Kidding Not
18. Church Of Gravitron - Synth Sketch (Stolen)
19. Chernobyl USA - Only One
20. Dingus  - Untitled Version #1
21. Razors - New Topology of Fort Fortitude Via Soul Riddim Oscillations
22. Kids Of The Atomic Age - Maybe Not