MAY 23rd: ST. LOUIS, MO at The Nest w/Alex Cunningham

MAY 24th: NASHVILLE, TN at Betty’s Grill w/Ned Collette, Ryan Davis,

                 & Styrofoam Winos

MAY 25th: ATHENS, GA at Flicker Theater w/TBA

MAY 26th: ASHEVILLE, NC at Revolve Art Gallery w/Tashi Dorji & Mountain Bitters

MAY 27th: COLUMBIA, SC at If Art Gallery

MAY 28th: RICHMOND, VA at Black Iris Gallery

MAY 29th: BROOKLYN, NY at Alphaville w/Dark Tea & The Magical Lily Band (former Palberta)

MAY 30th: PORTLAND, ME at The Apohadion Theater w/Lisa/Liza

MAY 31st: PINE HILL, NY at Pine Hill Community Center

JUNE 1st: BUFFALO, NY at Silo City (Reading Series Festival)

JUNE 2nd: PITTSBURGH, PA at Living Room Show (write for details or see FB event)

JUNE 3rd: DETROIT, MI at UFO Factory w/TBA

JUNE 4th: CHICAGO, IL at The Hideout w/TBA

JUNE 5th: MINNEAPOLIS, MN at Living Room Show (write for details or see FB event)

JUNE 6th: FARGO, ND at The Aquarium w/Richard Loewen

JUNE 7th: BISMARCK, ND at The Laughing Sun w/The Shaky Calls                                

JUNE 8th: SIOUX FALLS, SD at Total Drag w/TBA