Altamira: S/T (cassette/Dove Cove)


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Altamira: s/t (Dove Cove Records)


Release date: 4/20/18


Jackie Beckey’s Altamira is a cave song, a meditative howl, like Joanna Brouk in a snowstorm, ripping up your down jacket and wool socks, find her in the cold turning basement, winter cooking and introverted tinker. The sweeping, clawing viola and reverse cymbal - a drone on your nerve endings and deep belly dwelling, feels like danger is brewing and all of a sudden a calm wind passes through. 

Preoccupied in countless collaborations (most notably - Hex, Brute Heart and Myrrh), Jackie Beckey has been ever present in the Minneapolis DIY scene since the early 2000’s  - with a genesis in punk ideals and free information, she has been a heavy hand in DIY spaces and in creating an intentional and accommodating environment for other musicians in Minneapolis. 

Altamira’s s/t is Beckey’s first deep exploration in working on her own and her first solo release. 

Recorded February of 2018 at Albatross in Minneapolis, MN.