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Unearthed 1993 recordings caught on melting master tapes in the back of a second hand bookshop in
Hamilton, New Zealand. A rare and temporary trio-incarnation of Armpit, which besides Clayton
Noone and Jon Arcus also had Gordon/Nodrog joining in on drums. 4 or 5 tracks were apparently
recorded with this line up that also performed live once or twice. Some 25 years later, the hazy magic
that occured in the back of that bookshop falls in somewhere in the middle between a more sluggish,
wobbly Sun City Girls and a Les Rallises Denudes played on 16rpm or something, though in the end
'Suns Movement Across Darkening Skies' and 'Down The Trail Of Aching Hearts' are both
unmistakably Armpit and nothing else in all their glory. Some other stuff from these sessions ended up
on various Plop Recordings releases, the label that Clayton and Jon had with Stefan Neville, and a
slightly different edit of 'Suns Movement Across Darkening Skies' also landed on the A-side of a lathe
cut 7" on Insample in the mid 90's. The photography comes from their zine Plop It Up! which ran for
about 12 issues 1993-1994. 200 copies, black vinyl and stamped white labels, postcard attached to the
cover, insert. 45rpm. IDDB029.