BLOD: Livets Ord 2xLP (ltd to 300 vinyl reissue of classic tape)


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Blod: Livets Ord 2xLP (Aguirre Records, Belgium)

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Low-key, synth & keyboard studio album by Swedish all-rounder Gustaf Dicksson of Enhet For Fri Musik. Limited edition of 300 copies. 

From the early days of the found-sounds recordings (like the downright scary Unga Röster album and the hilarious Mandys Bil 7"), the homespun kitchen recordings/tape collages of the still-going Idiotmusik series to the more carefully elaborated and precise Leendet Från Helvetet and Knutna Nävar albums, the massive Livets Ord dropped like a bomb when it originally surfaced as a self-released cassette in 2018.

Heavily based on synths and keyboards and clocking in on no less than close 70 minutes over 4 LP-sides, this is arguably THE epic album from the cluster around the Förlag För Fri Musik empire. Gustaf Dickssons' fascination for christianity/religious assemblies shines through once again, the title Livets Ord ("The word of life") derived from the Swedish free church/sect with the same name that was based in Uppsala between 1983-2013 and casting a pastoral shadow over the ambient music of the album. While dabbling with a long tradition of kosmische musik and private-pressed new age wonders, Blods now patented sound of a Björn Isfält-gone-sour still lingers throughout the entire recording. A cornerstone in contemporary Gothenburg underground music. Featuring guest appearances by Emelie Thulin and Jerker Jarold.


All compositions by Gustaff Dicksson
Edition of 300
Mastered by Equus


A Trygghet 10:51
B Idiotmusik 21:40
C Livets Ord 11:30
D Ute Blåser Sommarvind 22:22