BRUCES, THE: The War of the Bruces CD


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The Bruces: The War of the Bruces (Misra Records)

We have recently scored a few copies of the Bruces' 2002 cd-only release, "The War of the Bruces." The record is one of two that came out on Misra.

Alex McManus, veteran guitarist for Lambchop and Vic Chesnutt released a series of scarce singer-songwriter indie rock albums under the name The Bruces in the 90’s and early 2000’s before taking an extended hiatus from music to migrate to Canada and raise a family. Known primarily for his song, “I Woke Up With This Song In My Head This Morning,” which was covered by Bright Eyes on their Lua EP in 2004, his albums on Sing, Eunuchs! and Misra are gorgeous testaments to wholly personal pop songwriting which undoubtedly influenced the younger Conor Oberst as well as other songwriters lucky enough to stumble upon his difficult to find albums.

NOTE: We strongly encourage you to add The Bruces: Family Day (lp or cd reissues) and Hialeah Pink (cd reissue) and The Shining Path to your order for some classic Bruces. We have limited stock of all of the Bruces albums. You won't regret it! We also strongly recommend the Bruces' "Thieves In the Wick: The Songs of Simon Joyner," a very limited vinyl-only release of covers/reinterpretations of Simon Joyner songs.

For fans of: Lambchop, Simon Joyner, Vic Chesnutt, Neutral Milk Hotel


Do Si Do

The Cold War

Two Dogs

Haint Blue

Sunken City

Invisible Ceiling

Deep Colors Bleed

Hey, Bird

After Hours


I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground

"Sublime and beautiful." -Harp

"There's much to love about this mysterious record." -Pitchfork