Closet Mix 12" EP (Great Plains, Log, Ohio)


Closet Mix 12" EP  (Anyway 92 + Tone Scholar 01, Old 3C Label Group)

Release date: 2016

Closet Mix (Great Plains, Log, etc.) make their debut with this extremely limited (200 qty) EP at 45 RPM. Fred Mills of BlurtOnline says: “This 12” EP comprises five songs, and while the level of song-craft on display here precludes easily selecting the proverbial pick-to-click, the interstellar surf-rock instrumental “Hugh Are You?” is an unexpected delight, cueing up as it does between the elegant pop chime of “It’s Better My Way” and the woozy balladry of “Won’t Be Lonely After All.” Throughout the record, subtle interweaving of Chris Nini’s keys and Keith Novicki’s guitar lends a textural richness, while bassist Paul Nini’s upper register vocals skate atop the sonic bed with a delicate grace.” For fans of indie-rock of the Midwest variety.

01 Weak Stream + 02 It's Better My Way + 03 Hugh Are You? + 04 Won't Be Lonely After All + 05 Vague Uncertainties