Colossal Yes: Acapulco Roughs CD

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Colossal Yes: Acapulco Roughs CD (Ba Da Bing)

Colossal Yes is the side project of Utrillo Kushner, better known as the drummer in Comets On Fire, who for this album pulls up a piano stool and gets tickling those ivories as a solo artist with songs of his own. The fruits of Kushner's endeavours are an impressive facsimile of vintage '70s AOR (which seems to be have been a theme in the past 12 months or so), bringing to mind Jackson Browne or The Band in terms of the beautifully syrupy songwriting. Once you've got to grips with the buoyant horns and Richard Swift-style retro of 'Just Like A Mademoiselle' you can expect more top quality, radio-friendly balladeering on 'The Honeycreeper Smiles' and goodtime rock & rollers like 'A Fig For Misfortune', alongside the Jim O'Rourke-like 'Between Ass & Ophir' and country blues epic 'Poor Boy's Zodiac'.