COLOSSAL YES: Exposed Prehistorics Cassette


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Colossal Yes "Exposed Prehistorics" Cassette (Ba Da Bing)

If you heard Surrounded By Progress, Colossal Yes’ record from last year, which was a tribute to Brutalism, then you won’t be surprised by the synth stylings of Exposed Prehistorics. Otherwise, surprise! This furthers CY fronter Utrillo Kushner’s sonic exploration of the less humane art of the 20th century. It essentially first sounds like a soundtrack to a science fiction film, but there’s a deeper thing going on here. The songs play off notions of fascistic aesthetics, with steely electronic glares and hard chord changes. It’s not music to dance to, but music playing as you helplessly watch others marching by.

1. Subglacial Creep
2. Fahrenheit Traipse
3. Faithless Heath
4. Berg Angularities
5. Warning Heirlooms
6. Surrendered Archaics
7. Unearthed Monolithic
8. Neolithic Pool
9. Julius Celsius
10. Alleviation 17
11. Exposure Flare
12. Extinction Mining