COLOSSAL YES: Surrounded By Progress Cassette

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Colossal Yes "Surrounded By Progress" Cassette (Ba Da Bing)

Utrillo Kushner, main conveyor of Colossal Yes' ivory melodics and Comets On Fire's percussive juggernauts, takes Brutalism to new levels on "Surrounded By Progress," the soundtrack to a science-fiction
dystopian tale yet to be written. The music here remains wordless and instrumental, interconnecting biological rhythms with a sky the color of a television turned to a dead channel. The initial rush of
inhumanity disguises the human heart at the center of "Surrounded by Progress," a living and breathing document the Monks of the Order of St Leibowitz would deify up for endless study.

1. Warring Progressions
2. Interior Drain
3. Population Density
4. Renwal Pharoahs LLC
5. Suffocation Houses
6. Docile Progressions
7. Inaccessible High-Rise

8. System High-Rise Reprise
9. The Radiant City
10. Cosmopolitan Pistol Whip
11. Nocturnal Offline
12. Backlit Outgrowth
13. Obsolete Frameworks
14. Consecutive Spaces
15. Echoes Of Progress