COUSINS: The Halls Of Wickwire LP

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Cousins "The Halls Of Wickwire" LP

COUSINS, the big and booming duo of Aaron Mangle and Leigh Dotey are releasing their new album, Halls of Wickwire, on May 13th. It will be a co-release with Ba Da Bing and Hand Drawn Dracula. After several years of skin shedding metamorphosis, near-endless north American touring, two full length albums, and a string of limited edition releases on various formats and labels, they’ve grown up, they sound refreshed and unencumbered by the weight of the region, or their own history.  The reverb-drenched rock and jangle is on overdrive throughout Wickwire, and it’s a recording that finally matches their powerful live shows.

1. Phone
2. Other Ocean
3. Alone
4. At Odds
5. Death Man
6. Body
7. What's Your Name
8. Mess
9. Ocean
10. Singing