DAMON & NAOMI: More Sad Hits LP


Damon & Naomi "More S

ad Hits" LP (Ba Da Bing)

Created as a swan song response to the dissolution of Galaxie 500, More Sad Hits was recorded with Galaxie producer Mark Kramer, and is just as cutting a reaction to the sinister allure of fame as it was when released back in 1992. The album was so strong, that a presumed one-off led to a long relationship with Sub Pop Records, who offered to put out future releases after hearing what the duo could accomplish on their own.

Damon & Naomi originally released More Sad Hits on Shimmy Disc one year after the breakup of Galaxie 500, when Dean Wareham left the group to pursue a career with Luna on Elektra Records. With no intention of doing any more recording, the duo were nonetheless convinced to go into the studio after Kramer told them he'd assist with both recording and release.

While Damon & Naomi have remained publicly silent regarding Wareham's recent autobiography, this album serves as all the answers anyone needs concerning their side of the drama. And with a shimmering and lonely beauty as only they can achieve, the two made a series of songs as emotionally stark as you're likely to hear. It was recently voted one of the "Top Twenty Most Overlooked Psychedelic Albums" along with Skip Spence and 13th Floor Elevators. This remastered reissue will contain new liner notes and photos.