David Nance Group: Peaced & Slightly Pulverized


The David Nance Group: Peaced and Slightly Pulverized (Trouble in Mind)

Our pal and top-five humans on the planet is also one of our favorite songwriters. This album showcased the Cortez the Killer style heavy jam chemistry of his misfit crew of traveling rock salesmen. Every track a deep cut. Dig it. We also have his new follow-up "Staunch Honey" in stock, he hits it out of the park there too. In addition to these on Trouble in Mind, we of course carry his two fantastic albums on Ba Da Bing, "More Than Enough" and "Negative Boogie." A few scant copies remain of his debut album, "Actor's Diary," too, it's one of Grapefruit's proudest releases! So, you can order nearly the whole Nance discography right here. Do it, you won't regret it.