Dennis Callaci - The End Of Night CD

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Dennis Callaci’s (Refrigerator, Shrimper Records) second solo album is a knee play, a low budget opera, a tone poem with broken keys. It follows up last year’s Bed of Light, about which Tiny Mix Tapes wrote: “Poetry from a lofi pulpit, really, though Callaci seems to technically be singing hymns of non-redemption that’s too fleeting yet perfect because it’ll keep you coming back.” This album reunites him with Joel Connell, who played drums on the earliest of Refrigerator records just after Pilsbury Hardcore broke up and during the formative years of Man Is The Bastard. The two have not recorded together for over twenty five years! Along with Connell on drums, Franklin Bruno plays the piano, Daniel McDonough is on the harp, Rael Callaci programs 808s and Korg synthesizers and Henry Callaci mans the saxophone. Engineered by Steve Folta (who also lent some back up vocals to the proceedings), the record / song was recorded to be heard only on CD for a number of reason. It clocks in at over thirty minutes. No rich man’s 8-track mid-song fade for side two vinyl version available. No streaming candy corn flavor cancer aftertaste availability. No iTunes cruddy MP3 version made available for some distracted fool’s slave labor Chinese phone. No Pandora, no big box bankruptcies in wait. This little tiny compact disc is a small press. In near solo record fashion, Callaci supplied the artwork, liner notes, hidden poem that reads on the window of the CD player as the song spins as well as a number of instruments. There are a couple of hidden pagan eggs in the package to boot. No touring, barely selling, still breathing, perfect