Diskothi-Q - The Wandering Jew CD

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DiskothiQ showcased the band's intelligent brand of indie rock on this 11-song thriller in 1994. Singer and guitarist Peter Hughes, joined by his brother bassist, Kevin Hughes, and drummer Kevin Trapp, assembled a startling disc full of light-hearted pop songs, as well as a healthy dose of thoughtful, brooding rockers. Starting off with "Most Eligible Bachelor," Peter kicks off the disc with swagger. The pace quickly slows down on track two, a cover of the Mountain Goats' "Tulsa Imperative." The mood remains calm and understated on "Leap Cat Leap," before the trio speeds up again with the angst-ridden "Going to Nick's." The pace continues its rise and fall tendency with the tender "Kidney" and the meditative "Other Lover's Waltz." On the jangly "Chandra Mukhi," the trio shines, with Peter changing tempos, while the band's instrumentation is at its tightest. "Satch Carlson" is, quite possibly, the disc's lightest track, while "AHS," the album's final track, closes the album with a somber narrative about high school. In the end, The Wandering Jew hinted at greater things to come from the Southern California trio. Its casual, reflective lyrics and various instrumental elements added up to a strong debut.