EARTH JERKS: The West Is A Mess Cassette


Earth Jerks "The West Is A Mess" Cassette (Ba Da Bing)

One guy. A keyboard, a few pedals (reverb, delay, tremolo, fuzz) and that's it. The guy, (me) has been in bunch of other bands; most notably, I played drums in Death Sentence: PANDA! (who had records out
on Upset the Rhythm and a couple other Euro labels). I classify the jams as surf rock and honestly the point of reference is more Sunset Strip `66 than Berlin* or Cologne `72.
Earth Jerks is a very pro-California entity.
* RIP Moebius

1. If Everybody Had A Notion
2. Larger Than Life, The Living Flam

3. I've Got Something Man, That Your Fucking Money Cannot Buy
4. If Nobody Had An Ocean