ED GRAY - ALIBI b/w ICE Lathe 7"


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ed gray is a two song burn, complete with smoke. cryptic 4-track plunk perfect for winter ravaging
and bursting your pipes. 2 color screened sleeves with booklet of original art and self meditations.
iowa cities ed gray has released multiple grand cassettes and records on various labels over the years. always wanting and waiting to "tip his cap" to the music industry, he gets vacuumed back, cause why shouldnt he!?!? here is a perfect example, 2 songs, both billowing with cold smoke. its all slice of life, in a way, and you can feel it. limited to 40 (or 50) copies in 2 color screened sleeves, with a 14 page booklet of art and cryptic word.   -writeup from UNREAD