EYE: Other Sky LP (Peter Stapleton of Dadamah & The Terminals)

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Eye "Other Sky" LP (Ba Da Bing)

Other Sky is Eye’s masterpiece. Recorded 12 years after their initial formation, the Dunedin trio of Peter Stapleton (The Terminals, The Pin Group, Flies Inside The Sun), Peter Porteous (Empirical) and Jon Chapman (Double Leopards, Rory Storm and the Invaders) have never sounded more on target and immense. Not that their past releases are anything shabby! With this record, there’s a distinct communication going on between the players as they freely explore the dregs and corners of what is arguably still considered rock music. Recorded at The Anteroom, an old Masonic lodge in Port Chalmers, it took a steady three years to cobble together. The five tracks here alternately strike with intensity and drift with menace, with Eye casting new lines of cohering musical language into a sea of babble. Be prepared to transcend.

1. Tension Cue  
2. Kōtuku, Kōtukutuku
3. The Moon In Your Eyes
4. Black Lightning
5. Threave