GAILES: Seventeen Words LP (Rafael Anton Irisarri & Benoit Pioulard)

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Gailes "Seventeen Words" LP (Ba Da Bing)

While they've released records on their own, and even collaborated in
the past (Orcas), Rafael Anton Irisarri and Benoit Pioulard have never
made music quite like they do with Gailes. This is a pure winter
doldrums soundtrack, with the stillness of the moments after a
snowstorm ends elongated for in depth contemplation. Given that, it's
not surprising that Seventeen Words was conceived, composed and
recorded as the duo weathered a brutal winter squall, the remains of
which can be viewed on the album's artwork. This is bottomless music,
minimal in sound yet majestic in presentation. Snow slows, time
freezes. This is the world of Gailes, just a fragment of our own writ
large for eternity.

1. Requiem For An Airport Television Newsreader
2. That Name (Again)
3. Surface Variations In The Snowfall
4. On Distant Fields