HOME BLITZ: Foremost & Fair LP


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Home Blitz "Foremost & Fair" LP (Richie Records)

The fractured, ballsy electric guitar pop from Dan DiMaggio’s outfit defines the form. Anybody who has been paying attention already knows that the Home Blitz name is a trademark of quality stamped on a handful of singles and EPs, as well as their jaw-dropping album on the Richie Records label. Foremost & Fair continues the trajectory of those records, achieving heights of fidelity, craft and fretwork dexterity that will continue to elude humbuggers, ham ’n’ eggers, and all the other-butter-users for years to come. DiMaggio and the Home Blitz name have rightfully been pegged to the tradition of prolific, idiosyncratic punk-qua-pop individualists, but if you’re looking for a convenient reference, you won’t find it in this little write-up. Home Blitz stands alone.

1. Seven Thirty
2. I'm That Key
3. The Tide
4. A In E
5. Downtown
6. The Hall
7. Betton Hill
8. Tell Me There
9. Why It Cries
10. Sick And Crazy
11. Horrorshow
12. Cutting The Cross