Hypnolovewheel: Parallel Universe (Greatest Hits Compilation) LP


Hypnolovewheel: Parallel Universe (Cara Records)

Release Date: May 2020

Hypnolovewheel  the early-'90s NYC cult indie rock combo gets a welcome retrospective compilation from Cara Records

Featuring a gatefold insert with photos, recollections, and appreciations from members of Sleepy Head, Bongwater, King Missile, Yo La Tengo and more, this deluxe vinyl release also has a couple of surprises for those already familiar with Hypnolovewheel including song curation by James McNew.

Brooklyn Vegan had this to say, "This compilation hits most of Hypnolovewheel's album highlights. It does a great job of showcasing the many sides of the band -- the punky, the jangly, the poppy, the psychedelic -- as well as their pop-culture infused sense of humor. Among them: their psych-punk-pop single "Wow," the Meat Puppets-y "Cosmic Cube," the '60s-inspired "Everywhere Nowhere Girl" and the fuzzed-out "Here Comes a Headache." Across these songs, you can hear elements of the Paisley Underground neo-psychedelic scene, REM-style college rock and Twin-Tone/SST indie, the UK's C-86 scene that gave us The Wedding Present, and more".  A great primer for the uninitiated and a unique collection for those who want to be reacquainted.