Joy - Sailing Days EP CD

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Sailing Days (He new five-song EP from eclectic pop marvels Joy, combines elements from every stage of the band's history -- from the lo-fi, acoustic folk of the band's 2002 debut to the more complex recordings and elaborate instrumentation of more recent efforts. Recorded over three weeks both on four-track in a basement and digitally in a studio, the album adds mandolin, banjo, and cello to the usual mix of acoustic guitars, stripped-down drums and idiosyncratic vocals. Joy's dense and rich sound still retains an organic and simple feel.Formed by longtime friends Daniel Madri and Matt Savage, Joy began as an acoustic duo in Boston, Massachusetts, alongside other Shrimper regional powers The Secret Stars and John Davis. Their self-titled debut, a half-hour of folky four-track twangling, is rife with subtle compositions that showcase true songwriting talent. A self-released follow-up, Hatred and Grief, is marked by a more sophisticated country sound and a move toward higher fidelity while 2005's Devil's Blues is a more roots-oriented, bluesy effort.Sailing Days pulls something from each of these, achieving a mature and focused sound that honors the band's DIY roots while pointing toward its sonic future.