JOYNER, SIMON & FRIENDS: Low Fidelities & Infidelities (Demos & Covers) CD


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Simon Joyner & Friends: Low Fidelities & Infidelities (Demos & Covers)

Grapefruit (GY9-3)

Release date: June 2019

Originally designed as a tour-only release, this 78 minute CD includes unreleased original demos as well as covers of songs by Lee Hazlewood, Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, Vic Chesnutt, Randy Newman, Richard Thompson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Refrigerator, Yoko Ono, Phil Ochs, and Sandy Denny as well as collaborations with The Bruces, Pearl Lovejoy Boyd, The Bingo Trappers, Noah Sterba, Fred Lonberg Holm, Michael Krassner, Dennis Callaci, Sean Pratt & Megan Siebe, Roy Montgomery, Ramon Speed, Meg Baird, L. Eugene Methe, The Renderers, and Irma Vep.

Screenprinted gatefold CD jacket with printed insert. 


1. Tell Me That Old Story Again (Joyner/unreleased)

   With: The Bruces in Point Roberts, Washington

2. No Train to Stockholm (Lee Hazlewood)

   With: Pearl Lovejoy Boyd in Clarence Town, Long Island, The Bahamas

3. Am I Too Blue (Lucinda Williams)

   With: The Bingo Trappers in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

4. Yellow Jacket Blues (Joyner/unreleased “Pocket Moon” demo)

5. Tomorrow is a Long Time (Bob Dylan)

   With: Noah Sterba in Omaha, Nebraska

6. Instrumental in A (Joyner/unreleased)

   With: Fred Lonberg Holm at the Ball mansion in Lafayette, Indiana

7. Rome (Joyner/unreleased)

8. Cutty Sark (Vic Chesnutt)

   With: The Bruces in Point Roberts, Washington

9. Texas Girl at the Funeral of Her Father (Randy Newman)

   With: Dennis Callaci in Claremont, California

10. You’re Running Away, David (Joyner/unreleased “Pocket Moon” demo)

11. Maria (Lucinda Williams)

    With: Sean Pratt & Megan Siebe in Omaha, Nebraska

12. Tongue of a Child (Joyner/unreleased)

    With: Roy Montgomery in Christchurch, New Zealand

13. I’ll Keep It With Mine (Bob Dylan)

    With: Michael Krassner in Phoenix, Arizona

14. Withered and Died (Richard Thompson)

     With: Ramon Speed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

15. Don’t Tell Bobby His Blues Are Numbered Too (Joyner/unreleased)

     With: Fred Lonberg Holm in a motel, somewhere in the Midwest

16. Morning Song to Sally (Jerry Jeff Walker)

     With: Meg Baird in San Francisco, California

17. Bicycle (Refrigerator)

     With: L. Eugene Methe in Omaha, Nebraska

18. When I Ran Off and Left Her (Vic Chesnutt)

     With: Noah Sterba in Omaha, Nebraska

19. Growing Pain (Yoko Ono)

     With: The Renderers in Yucca Valley, California

20. Instrumental in F / Chords of Fame (Joyner/McManus, Phil Ochs)

     With: The Bruces in Point Roberts, Washington

21. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (Sandy Denny)      

With: Irma Vep in Glasgow, Scotland