METHE, L. EUGENE: Calendar Work

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Grapefruit Year One Series, Record Three (2011, GY1-3)

L. Eugene Methe has performed and recorded in Omaha and Austin under a variety of aliases over the last 16 years, experimenting with song-forms from noise/improvisational to modern composer to whispering folk pop in bands and solo projects like The Naturaliste, Arnoux, The Citizen, Mancini’s Angels, Diamondhead, Rake Kash and recently as one-third of Spiritual Rags (his band with Simon Joyner and Chris Deden). He is an unsung hero of the Omaha music scene, famous for cutting his teeth on cathartic denouement at the legendary Kilgore’s club. Unlike other contemporary singer-songwriters, Methe’s vision is neither jaded nor ironic, but sincere and confident in it’s poetic exploration of difficult universal themes. This sometimes lush, often stark autumnal record is a gorgeous addition to his impressive and largely out-of-print discography.



    Side One

  • Bleak Street
  • Summer Knowledge
  • Pale Plums
  • Learning From Las Vegas
  • Twisted Roots
  • Calendar Work

    Side Two

  • Mudslide Rocking Chair
  • My Love, My Labor
  • The Fool And His Rake
  • Poor Ol' Johnny
  • Two For The Road
  • Winter Victory