LAMBCHOP: Turd Goes Back (Essential Tracks from Secret Secret Sourpuss & Big Tussie) SOLD OUT


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Grapefruit Year One Series, Record One (2011, GY1-1)

Over the past twenty or so years, Lambchop has proven again and again that they are one of the best American bands to ever assemble. They never repeat themselves, yet always maintain a utterly distinct and singular style to songwriting and performance. I remember it was late at night the first time I listened to their album How I Quit Smoking, and as I fell asleep, the song, “Theone” drifted into my dreams. Once I awoke, I searched the record for the song and stood dumbfounded in a semi-conscious state as its beauty washed over me. Surrealistic qualities weren’t an isolated experience, I soon realized, and I came to understand that it’s the unique perspective and particular quirks of Lambchop which define the band most succinctly. This LP is an assemblage of Kurt Wagner’s early recordings, taken from two rare cassettes, and I swear you can hear his emerging talent bleeding out of the speakers.



  1. The Fish Fry
  2. Daktari
  3. My Cliche
  4. They Were made For Each Other
  5. Que Sera Sera
  6. Came Home Late
  7. I Megalomaniac
  8. Old Dog Blue
  9. Soaky In The Pooper
  10. Music City Shits
  11. Oh Nooooooo
  12. All Over The World
  13. Fa-Q