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Tor Lundvall "The Park" LP (Dais)


In 2012, ambient composer TOR LUNDVALL and Dais Records presented his second instrumental masterpiece entitled The Shipyard (2006’s Empty City being the first). After its release and universal praise, Lundvall had confided that there was a third instrumental album nearing completion entitled The Park. Fostering his natural habitat of the wooded landscapes of Eastern Long Island, Lundvall again set about capturing his portrait studies and composing a lurid and abstract soundtrack to accompany his source of inspiration. Limited to 300 vinyl editions (along with a free MP3 download coupon) with artwork by Tor Lundvall.

1. The Park
2. Lakeside Rain
3. Slate Blue
4. Open Spaces
5. Nature Trail
6. Rest Area
7. Humidity
8. Field Study
9. Late Afternoon
10. Symbols on Pavement
11. Woodland Path
12. Closes At Dusk