METHE, L. EUGENE: Hey Jack Plus Six Other Songs 7"


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L. Eugene Methe "Hey Jack Plus Six Other Songs" 7" (Unread Records)

Methe has a long history of playing with other folks (Mountain Goats, Simon Joyner, Ed Gray) and on a few thousand cassette only releases (Naturaliste, Arnoux, under his own name), but this is his first record under his name. It has gotten lots of spins, and that might be no big deal to you, but, considering this is "singer/songwriter" stuff, it is a big deal to me. Simple, understated songs done with mostly just guitar or piano and hushed voice, Hey Jack reminds me a bit of Johnny Thunders' Hurt Me album. As good? Nah, Hurt Me is a fucking classic. Still, Hey Jack keep returning to the record player and it has me eager to hear more. --SS / Z-GUN

1. Hey Jack
2. Nine Clearings
3. White Lilac Longing
4. Katherine
5. Calendar Work
6. Wounds of Winter
7. Auburn Dances