MILLER, JENKS & ROSE CROSS, NC: Music For Snowdrifts Cassette


Jenks Miller & Rose Cross, NC "Music For Snowdrifts" Cassette (Ba Da Bing)

We all knew winter was coming this year, and oh boy, did it. While there’s not much to show for it in the aftermath, save for cracked roads, threadbare sweaters and a mistrust of any forecasts, we at least have Music For Snowdrifts. Conceived by Jenks Miller and Elysse Thebner over the past few stormy months, which even struck as far south as their home base of North Carolina, Music For Snowdrifts offers a transcendental, laconic reaction to the cold, with meandering guitar threading through a hazy synth bed of pure mood. It is both subtle and epic – think Ashra teaming up with Popol Vuh. Music For Snowdrifts manages to inspire a look back at the past few months that is damn near wistful.

1. Part One
2. Part Two
3. Part Three