MOLE HOUSE: s/t Cassette


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Mole House "s/t" Cassette (Night People)

Mole House are a new band from Melbourne Australia that is fronted by Carla Dal Forno in collaboration with other members Michael Zulicki (Mad Nanna), and Pat Breen (White Woods). With prior recent releases on Alberts Basement, Goaty and the new killer NYC label Quemada this band is just getting going but is starting to make some buzz. Evoking some classic lofi outsider Aussie arty indie strum, Mole House speaks a bit to the 80's/90's New Zealand Scene especially the Expressway label. Think of greats like Roy Montgomery, Dadamah, Nocturnal Projections, Scorched Earth Policy and you would be on the right track. A totally killer highlight of some of the greatness coming out of the Aussie underground. Art by Shawn Reed.

1. How To Swim
2. I Don't Dare To Try
3. Showers And Rain
4. High Tide