Mountain Movers: New Jam 12" EP


Mountain Movers "New Jam" 12" EP (C/Site Recordings)

For those lucky enough to witness Mountain Movers live in the recent past New Jam may actually not be all that new. The jam has been a staple of the bands live sets for about a year, and has become something of a rallying anthem for those with the good fortune to have seen them on a regular basis. Unlike most Mountain Movers tracks, New Jam is not based in Dan Greene’s song-writing, but rather is led by Rick Omonte, who steers the band with a driving and nuanced bass line.

On this EP Mountain Movers deliver their two finest studio takes - with numerous versions having been recorded at different times and locations. In New Jam 5 the band falls in step with Omonte immediately. Kryssi Battalene delves right into the jam’s lead guitar theme but unleashes her signature molten madness quickly and decisively, cueing a major pick up from Ross Menze, who’s controlled-chaos drumming is on full display, and Dan Greene, who’s improvisational talents bubble to the forefront. New Jam 3 sees the band allowing the track to linger and take shape over the course of a full side. Delicate textures from all the players gently push the jam forward to its inevitable climax, bringing to mind the masters of psych and kraut rock alike. This take shows a band with the sort patience and determination that comes from years of getting to know and eventually understanding one another’s quirks, subtleties and, most of all, talents. These two takes are separated by Clearview Hwy. A palette cleanser of sorts, this improvisation takes shape over 7+ minutes and displays the band at their freest, while somehow still maintaining their keen ears and ability to mingle seemingly disparate sounds. An amazing display of a band operating at their highest peak and an essential precursor to their 7th full-length, which looms just around the corner.

Edition of 300 copies with full color artwork drawn by Dan Greene and hand stamped center labels.

Official Release: August 10, 2018