NANCE, DAVID: Negative Boogie LP

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David Nance "Negative Boogie" LP (Ba Da Bing)

David Nance, Omaha veteran of warble and hiss, returns with Negative

Boogie, his new concoction of chug, throb and greasy swagger. For

Boogie, Nance trades in his beaten up Tascam 488 for the bullet-proof,

glass walls of A.R.C. Studios. Where else can you brew the negative

boogie? And what exactly is the negative boogie? Well, it's a bit like

Canned Heat but with Pere Ubu's queasy rhythms and someone playing

five finger fillet with Swell Maps. Ensconced in his ivory tower

and soundproof rooms, Nance reached for unlikely weapons to tear down

his own lofty experiment. He had his pick of rare guitars, cowbells,

steel drums, vintage amps, Crazy Horse microphones, mellotron, and the

restless but indefatigable rhythm section of Kevin Donahue and Tom

May. They started at sunrise and recorded 15 songs by midnight. Maybe

it's his Midwestern work ethic, maybe he's a sonic cheapskate. Maybe

it's just the sound of negative boogie.

True to habit, Nance built on scraps and scrapes as his starting

point. “Some songs were unused for half a decade, some songs were

changed the day before recording and some songs were recycled and

reinterpreted from the last album leftovers," he says. And yet, bits

and pieces, false starts and vicious jams, all came together like the

cover art collage suggests, to make something he's never done before -

a rock epic. These songs stab and flow into one other like a perfectly

orchestrated classic. The songs are drenched with Nance’s most biting

and comic lyrics to date, peaking on “D.L.A.T.U.M.F. Blues" (Don't

Look At This Ugly Mother Fucker Blues). And ripping through the entire

thing is the cracked power he yanks out of the guitar, a veritable The

Good, The Bad and the Ugly of riffage. This is a departure for Nance.

It's bigger and grander but it's far from easy music. It's his Plastic

Ono Band, his For Your Pleasure, his fever dream of Rocket from the

Tombs. Shredders sit with jangling rockers, manic energy spills into

depressive torpor, providing the ultimate record experience: one of

power, nuance and emotion. But this of course is only a press release,

written by a team of robots using words programmed to seduce you. You

knew that, right? Did it work? Whether you are nodding yes or shaking

no, it's safe to say that we are all dancing the negative boogie.


1. More Than Enough (Reprise)

2. Negative Boogie

3. Silver Wings

4. Cruel Kind of Love

5. Give It Some Time

6. ??????

7. River With No Color

8. DLATUMF Blues

9. Tranglehead

10. 5, 2 and 4

11. Ambulance