Near Castlegar - In January EP CD

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Justice Schanfarber, formerly of the band Pork Queen, collaborated with Michael Ledwidge and Zumpano's Jason Zumpano on this six-track disc. The first song, "Sweet Kryptonic Blue," starts off with a transient and extended hum. Guitar and Schanfarber's soft vocals are added to create an alluring and relaxed musical environment. Near Castlegar is Schanfarber's vision, and he executes most of the music. Ledwidge plays drums and keyboards on two tracks, while Zumpano adds drums on the second track, "Missionaries." High-pitched percussion on the beginning "Broken Hornet" creates an unusual dynamic. California's Shrimper Records originally released the disc in 1996. The fourth track, "Young Yarrow," is closest to the acoustic lo-fi rock that Shrimper Records has always been known for. The fifth track, "Untitled," is straightforward ambient noise, while the final track, "Those Wasted Afternoons (Are Gone Forever)," is a short and subdued epic. Layers of sound come together to create an interesting and convoluted atmosphere on In January.