O'CONNOR, SISTER IRENE: Fire Of God's Love/Songs To Ignite The Spirit LP


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Sister Irene O'Connor "Fire Of God's Love/Songs To Ignite The Spirit" LP (Alba House Productions - RAH 1015)

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We have tracked down a few still sealed copies of this experimental cult classic. All profits will be donated back to the parish that originally released this album!!

NOTE: We opened one copy to check for warping since these are original still sealed copies. The one we opened had a slight warp, causing a smooth bump, not significant enough to cause it to skip at all. If you purchase a copy and want us to open it before shipping to check for a warp, we are happy to do that, and if you receive it and it doesn't play correctly on your turntable, you can return for a refund but not an exchange. If you want us to ship it sealed, you cannot return for a refund so please ask us to open it and inspect it for you if you want the option of returning for a refund.

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Among the sea of sound-a-like private-pressed Catholic LPs that came out in the 1960's and 1970's, Sister Irene O'Connor's 1976 album stands out with its primitive drum machine and spooky, echo-laden vocals.  Released in 1976 on the 'Alba House' label, the dual-titled Fire of God's Love/Songs to Ignite The Spirit LP features several haunting and remarkable songs. In particular, the title track "Fire of God's Love" strikes me as so otherworldly and uniquely eerie that I wonder how far Sister Irene's O'Connor's seeming solipsism extended beyond music.   -WFMU

1. Fire (Luke 12:49)
2. Nature Is A Song
3. Springtime (In Australia)
4. Mass - 'Emmanuel' (Text: I.C.E.L.)
5. Messe Du Saint Espritt
6. Light (John 8:12)
7. O Brother! (Matt. 7:1-5)
8. Mary Was 'There'
9. Teenager's Chorus
10. O Great Mystery (John 6)
11. Christ Our King (Col. 1:13)
12. Keshukoran