ORA ISO: Bathcat LP

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Ora Iso "Bathcat" LP (Ba Da Bing)

Ora Iso’s pieces begin in abstraction, encounter semblances of melody, then disintegrate into fragments. It all comes together as a glorious noise, and Bathcat, the duo’s first album, captures the essence of their nature. The group formed with a shared affinity for challenging pieces. Kathleen Malay, born in Indonesia and a recent transplant to New York via Australia, is a classically trained pianist who found her calling once she met Jason Kudo, a guitarist best known for his work in Modra. Bathcat was recorded with the deft influence of Lary Seven, a fixture on the New York experimental scene since 1970, who has worked with Tony Conrad, Foetus and Jarboe.

1. Florida
2. Ora Iso
3. Disassociation Blues
5. Meat Grinder
6. Dropped
7. Confession Gives
8. Lower
9. Crypto Squalor