PLAGNE, FRANCIS: Franco-Prussian Fillets Cassette


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Francis Plagne "Franco-Prussian Fillets" Cassette (Albert's Basement)

'26 sketches, ideas, melodies, fragments, most of them shorter than 2 minutes. Kind of Eno, when he still kept time limits short, or maybe even some charming moments of Fred Frith ca. “Step Across the Border”. I love the collage feeling of the music. Hugely inventive and varied music and even though the shortness can sometimes be frustrating it’s also its strength; like a good poem or haiku it leaves you thoughtful and curious. This cassette album is a delightful surprise and I hope it’s not too limited so many people can capture it. Should be a LP reissue according to me.' -

Side A: Franco-Prussian Fillets 1-14
Side B: Franco-Prussian Fillets 15-26