RATS: Intermittent Signals LP

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The Rats "Intermittent Signals" LP (Mississippi)

Second LP, recorded in 1980, buy Portland punk legends THE RATS. FRED and TOODY COLE of DEAD MOON, PIERCED ARROW, THE RANGE RATS, THE WEEDS, LOLLIPOP SHOP and a million other bands are joined on this one by SAM HENRY of THE WIPERS and NAPALM BEACH. A very eclectic LP with elements of Punk, new wave, art rock, psychedelia and early Rock and roll. Great nuts and bolts song writing. A true punk rock classic.

1. Nightline
2. Wanna Be Your Man
3. Haywire Desire
4. Contradictions
5. Kids Are Kids
6. Descending Shadows
7. Thoughts By Now
8. Defiance
9. Daddy's In The Shadows
10. Nightmare
11. Radio Pulse
12. Heaven Don't Cry
13. C.O.D.
14. Running Away From You
15. It's A Lie
16. Animal