Refrigerator: Lonesome Surprize CASS (2020 Deluxe Reissue of SHR 13)


Refrigerator: Lonesome Surprize (Shrimper)

Deluxe Reissue of first Refrigerator tape (SHR 13)

Street date: September 8th, 2020

The earliest Refrigerator recordings surfaced in 1991 on the Shrimper cassette “Lonesome Surprize”. Lovingly remastered from the original sequenced tape by Steve Folta, this limited edition cassette reissue features brand new liner notes by Allen & Dennis Callaci recalling the origin of these songs. The hand painted covers offer an upgrade to the first edition, with the shell containing its sharpied “X” that also figured on the orignal issue. The cassette features the  brothers along with Joel Connel ex of Pillsbury Hardcore and then a budding member of Man Is The Bastard.