RENDERERS: A Dream Of The Sea LP

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The Renderers "A Dream Of The Sea" LP (Tinsel Ears)

Amidst their stellar discography, The Renderers are best known for
their album A Dream Of The Sea, released in the mid-nineties by
Siltbreeze, and now issued for the first time ever on vinyl in a
gatefold jacket on the band's own label. Various forces were at work -
a revered label, increased attention towards New Zealand artists - but
the greatest achievements were within the band itself. Maryrose and
Brian Crook reached a new level of insight and honesty with their
lyrics, forming a wave of insight and metaphor that is as forceful
today as when first written. Songs draw from ghostly sea tales and
personal demons, where the specters as much rise from the waters as
emerge from within oneself. The forceful songs are propelled by
tornados of guitar play, always rumbling and screeching underneath the
singing. There's a connection to be heard between The Renderers and
Dead Moon, both bands dedicated wholly to the music they create, a
fact clear in every note they play. When Buzzfeed gets around to
making a list for it, A Dream Of The Sea will inevitably be listed
amongst the greatest New Zealand rock albums of all time.

A1. Low To The Ground
A2. Dream Of The Sea
A3. Out Of The Forest
A4. Transparent Black
A5. Right From Wrong
B1. Dark Continent
B2. Great Ships
B3. Broken Banks
B4. Dimmer Waters
B5. Thin Atmosphere