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Richard Conway-Jones "The Best Of" Cassette

Richard Conway-Jones is a painter and musician who has been making records in his Twyford, England, home for over two decades. Renowned for his artwork, Conway-Jones is mostly known for his work as one half of The Marilyn Decade, a sprawling and gorgeous two-guitar band that released an album on Freek Records in 1995. He’s continued to write, record and release albums on his own, and here is an opportunity to hear a best-of compilation, with songs chosen by the artist himself. Conway-Jones's method of production, and impressive output, places him in a rarified league populated by some of the most distinct musicians. He does not quite sound like R Stevie Moore, Jandek or Robert Scott, but there’s a line that connects him to all of the aforementioned. The Best of Richard Conway-Jones captures home-recording at its finest. Many songs are just guitar and his soft, nuanced vocals. Others have female vocal accompaniment, or a thick guitar distortion breaking in. The result is a musician unbounded by expectations, creating essentially beautiful songs from an intimate vantage point.

1. Dirty Flag
2. On A Monday Evening
3. Get A Message
4. Metrognome
5. California It's My Scene
6. King For A Day
7. I Got Sunshine
8. Other Girls
9. Chinese Food
10. Sing Me Another One
11. Abbotoirs Road