SEAFOG: Raise Your Skinny Fist LP


Seafog "Raise Your Skinny Fist" LP (Zelle Records)

Raise your skinny fist to the sky, like an antennae reach up high…Seafog’s debut Lp, an ode to their many musical influences. This album encapsulates who they are and where they are coming from. This Dunedin trio could easily be Jetty’s noisier sibling as it includes the rhythm section of Sadler and Sharma who along with Waters formed the band in their environs of Port Chalmers a few years back. With added guitar effects and experimentations along with sound landscapes the album was recorded by Forbes Williams in the Port Chalmers Masonic Lodge now the Ante Room where they found a cohesive live vibe. Forbes remastered and engineered formidably becoming an extra member in the process. With the support of Zelle Records, Raise your skinny fist is now on a slab of black vinyl for your listening pleasure. The songs are a mix of layered atmospheres from times past, lyrics range from gentle observations, tributes to indie bands, support for the troubled and our search for an escape route.

1. Raise Your Skinny Fist
2. Clean UFOs
3. Show Me The Way
4. Broken
5. GBV
6. Minds On Fire
7. You Lied You Cheated
8. Jesus Speed
9. Still Horses
10. Silver Beast