JOYNER, SIMON: A Rag Of Colts - Disgraced Songs 1987-2012 Cassette


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Simon Joyner "A Rag of Colts: Disgraced Songs 1987-2012" (Unread Records)

the blue is out there...and out of it comes a new collection of disgraced call, via omahas hung-sung singer: joyner. spanning a seriously long, yet short lifetime of writing is a re-birth of song - like the first beat of a heart. dirges, stark peck, haunts, trash blues, and voice chants from long lost tapes...makes the spectators hold steady for the last note like a death rattle. bullets from 1987 to re-worked old scraps ala present day...some can always be mining and finding old coal worth burning. this concludes the "iffy" trilogy, which collects songs from simons high school year to present day...includes digital download. -Chris Fischer, Unread

1. Goodbye To My Loving You (Jackson C. Frank)
2. Summer Is A Chariot
3. Please Don't Disturb
4. May Day, 1941
5. Dizzy's Trumpet
6. Begging On My Knees Blues
7. Catherine
8. When People Lose Their Color
9. Papa, They Hung Your Kid Out To Dry
10. September Said
11. The Aftermath
12. Your Record Sounded So Beautiful (When I Was Drunk)
13. You Take The Train, I'll Take The Bus
14. Exit Casa de Fantasma
15. Here Come the Horses
16. Summer Will Breathe Again