JOYNER, SIMON: Room Temperature 2LP


Simon Joyner "Room Temperature" 2xLP (Jagjaguwar)

Room Temperature was recorded in the winter of 1992 in a small room above a carpet store in Omaha, Nebraska, with two microphones and a cassette four-track recorder. Despite being his second full-length release, this was Simon Joyner’s first fully realized album, the one that first caught the interest of British DJ John Peel, who played it so often he single-handedly created a European audience for the Midwest singer-songwriter. Populated with sometimes harrowing and desperate stories of the complex workings of the human heart (in conflict with itself), the stark record features Joyner solo on all tracks. This marks the influential album’s first appearance on vinyl.

Originally Released on CD/Cassette on One Hour Records in 1993.

1. Folk Song For Sara
2. The Shortest Distance Between Two Points In A Straight Line
3. Ruby Slippers
4. Hallelujah
5. Double Joe
6. Ghettoblaster
7. Godzilla
8. Vegetables
9. Seizure
10. Pseudonym Song
11. Scribble
12. Homebase
13. Petri-Dish
14. The Leavenworth Cafe Blues
15. Grapefruit