JOYNER, SIMON: The Motorcycle Accident 7" EP


Simon Joyner & the Fallen Men "The Motorcycle Accident" 7" EP (Roomtone Records)

"The very prolific Simon Joyner manages to fit six tracks on to this home-recorded single, which was mastered directly from a cassette tape. The Motorcycle Accident is a soul-ravaging collection of mournful acoustic ditties, paired with two odd, thought-provoking, spoken word pieces. This morsel simply reaffirms Joyner's well-earned reputation as the Great Plain's most fiercely dour resident." -Kelso Jacks, CMJ

the Fallen Men:
Chris Deden - Organ
Brad Smith - Percussion, Xylophone
Lonnie Methe - Violin

1. Thoughts of a Dog
2. Flowers On Her Birthday
3. I Ask Of You These Things
4. Sad Stories
5. Tom Paine #1/#2
6. There Was A Time