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Skeptics "Amalgam" LP (Flying Nun/Captured Tracks)

The Skeptics were a postpunk noise band from Palmerston North, New Zealand active from 1979-1990. During their existence as a band Skpetics released 4 albums an EP and 10''. While working "Amalgam" in 1989, David D'Ath learned that he had leukaemia. D'Ath never got to see the finished product which however, it is cited to be a tribute to David. It shows Skeptics at their best, dark brooding with a wall of noise created by the bands unique talent and adaptation of early sampling technology. Amalgam is all encompassing. Re-issued in conjunction with Simon Ogston's 80-minute documentary which tells the complete and compelling story of Skeptics. "Sheen of Gold" premieres at this year's NZ International Film Festival.

1. And We Bake
2. Felt Up
3. Pack Ice
4. Never Tire Of Looking At The Stars
5. Heathery Men
6. Bad Wiring
7. Threads
8. Spade
9. Sheen Of Gold
10. All Sum Null