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Questions answered frequently about Sloppy Heads’ new album Useless Smile on Shrimper Records by #1 Rocking Band Chief Publicity Officer Vlada Fengenev:
Who are these Sloppy Heads? Your Sloppy Heads are notable because they are being the only band ever from Brooklyn! They are Bill the Drummer (aka V. Stiles) and Ariella Stok (aka Starmaiden) and Jimmy Jumpjump (aka Frow #1). The instruments in the Sloppy Heads are singing, guitar, bass, the organ, the drums, and the noise, and they are all done by everybody. They have their own instruments, and are writers of songs together. And for this album they are also having of the recording and guitaring of James McNew (aka J. McNew) of Yo La Tengo and Dump. They are giving birth to this band in 2009.
Why is there no Sloppy Heads album before? Your Sloppy Heads stay very under the ground! Before, they are making of a seven-inch EP (First Gasp) and cassette tapes (Custy Blaster and Do Or Dangle) and CD-Rs and also been on compilation by Brah Records that is benefitting Japanese earthquake victims name of Koozies, Woodies And Beers, and compilation recording for magazine of Yeti.
Tell me about this Useless Smile then. Album was made almost all in band’s first Headsquarters, next to Shea Stadium. Music place not baseball place. Shea Stadium is still there and also the men who smoke hookah across the street, but that Headsquarters is not. Except for the song that was made in Ocropolis, which is now hole. But also other sounds are from other places. These are songs that are written accidentally and some for purposes excepting two songs, which were also written somehow by other people but Vlada does not know how.
What is Sloppy Heads music like? It is filled with sounds that are loud and quiet and written and made up right now. Sometimes they are to be very rocking! Other times they are not to be rocking at all! It makes Vlada feel like she has sunshine and sometimes feels sad. Other times is giving a feeling of swirling in many-colored flotation like hippie movie about the hair.
What are these waves? They are painted by Al Jarnow (aka A. “Wol” Jumpjump Sr.) in 1975 and they are very very beautiful we think!
Am I to be sloppy? Yes. We are all being heads!!!