SLOTHRUST: Of Course You Do CD


Slothrust "Of Course You Do" CD

Led by guitarist/singer/songwriter Leah Wellbaum, Brooklyn’s Slothrust is a rock band of musicians from the jazz/blues tradition who sound nothing like jazz musicians playing rock. Beneath the know-how their aesthetic is punk-as-fuck. With the added dynamics of a tight, powerful and funky rhythm section, Slothrust is a forceful trio as unsettling and capricious as their name. We now have Of Course You Do, the band’s label debut and follow-up to their 2012 self-released full-length, Feels Your Pain. With her deep, charismatic vocals, most reminiscent of Nico with the edge of Isaac Brock circa ‘97, Wellbaum sings about alienation, awkwardness and absurdity, and damn if she doesn’t make it all sound kind of fun.


1. Cubicle

2. Juice

3. Crockpot

4. 7:30 AM

5. Homewreck Wifey

6. Magnets, Pt. 1

7. Magnets, Pt. 2

8. No Eye Candy

9. The Couch Incident

10. Beowulf