KASSIN, ALEXANDRE: Sonhando Devagar LP


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Alexandre Kassin "Sonhando Devagar"  LP

In his native Brazil, Kassin is a sought-after producer (Bebel Gilberto), bass player (Caetano Veloso) and musical director (Orchestra Imperial, a new-twist samba band that regularly plays for audiences of 40,000). But outside Brazil, he is best known as a member of the mysterious trio known as +2, who released three albums on Luaka Bop, each identified by a different leader: Moreno +2 (lead by Moreno Veloso, Caetano’s son), Domenico +2 (lead by Domenico Lancellotti), and Kassin +2 (the last of the series, released in 2008). The +2s toured the world, collaborated with royalty of the indie rock world like John McEntire (Tortoise) and Sean O’Hagan (High Llamas), and, upon completing their high concept trilogy, called it a day. Kassin’s first songwriting project since the +2s, and his first proper solo release, is likewise conceptual: a set of songs about dreams. Sonhando Devagar (“Slowly Dreaming”) is no routine mishmash of oneiric whimsy, however; Kassin’s unconscious turns out to be both lucid and precise. He dreams / sings about eating zebra (“Natural World”) and bananas (“Potassium”), about losing cell phone signal (“Out of Service”) and his heart (“When You Are Dancing Samba”), about sex in a handicapped bathroom (“Gym Pants”), and about the similarities between ice cream and bodily fluids (“Absorb You”). The journey is as deadpan as it is surprising—plus, you can dance to it.

1. Mundo Natural
2. Potassio
3. Fora de Area
4. O Que Voce Quiser
5. Lin Quer
6. Lua do Sol
7. Cuando Voce Esta Sambando
8. Calca de Ginastica
9. Em Volta de Voce
10. Sorver-te